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How to select and identify the vacuum tube solar water heater

 All-glass vacuum tube solar water heaters with high efficiency, energy saving, pollution-free, safe, reliable, and can use all year round and many other advantages. More and more urban consumers of all ages.  However, some shoddy, jerry-building mixed market poor quality products.  Hence the urgent need to understand how consumers choose and identify the all-glass vacuum tube solar water heaters.  1 Appearance and stent mainly by the high quality solar water heaters heat water tank, stand, reflector panels and vacuum tubes, require an overall appearance, shape and smooth contours.  Stent should have sufficient rigidity and stability, angle iron frame size should be not less than 30mm × 30mmx3mm, brackets and other parts of the connections are secure, full frame weld seam formation. Tank shell smooth, smooth, no scratches, cover with water tank shell ...
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