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SR609C Compact Solar Water Heater Controller - Document Transcript

SR609C Compact Solar Water Heater Controller - Document Transcript

Users manual SR609C 08.20081. Safety information1.1 Installation and commissioning When laying cables, please ensure that no damage occurs to any of the constructional fire safety measures presented in the building. The controller can not be installed in rooms where easily inflammable gas mixtures are present or may occur. The permissible environmental conditions can not be exceeded at the site of installation. Before connecting the device, make sure that the energy supply matches the specifications that controller requires. All devices connected to the controller must conform to the technical specifications of the controller. All operations on an open regulator are only to be conducted cleared from the power supply. All safety regulations for working on the power supply are valid. Connecting and /or all operations that require opening the regulator (e.g. changing the fuse) are only to be conducted by specialists.1.2 About this manualThis manual describes the installation, function and operation of a solarthermal controller. When installing the remaining components e.g. thesolar collectors.and the storage unit, are sure to observe the appropriateinstallation instructions provided by each manufacturer. Installation,electrical connection, commissioning and maintenance of the device mayonly be performed by trained professional personnel. The professionalpersonnel must be familiar with this manual and follow the instructionscontained herein
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