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The status of solar energy utilization in the U.S. construction

The United States, as a developed country, building energy use Solar collectors accounts for 30% -90% of the country's total energy consumption, and constraints on economic development. Therefore, the development of solar buildings in the United States with great speed. To reduce energy consumption, reduce pollution, and to adjust the energy structure, environmental protection, sustainable development, the United States made a positive exploration of solar energy, "Million Solar Roofs Plan is the largest, involving up to, is the progressive realization of the project plans. The plan is to advocate a government of the United States for the 21st century, the development of medium-and long-term plans. Implementation of this plan, 2010 will be the other possible site of one million roofs or buildings to install solar energy systems, including solar photovoltaic systems, solar water heating systems and solar air collector systems. The realization of this plan, the application of solar technology will be further expanded to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, expanding energy choices, to create a new high-tech jobs, purpose, bring considerable environmental and economic benefits to the United States. 2010 million roofs program will produce electricity equivalent to 2-3 coal-fired power plants, not only to meet the electricity demand of the building itself, and in some places, in the sale of the electricity generated by the solar.

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