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Air Source Heat Pump Water Heater


I .Working Principle
System Working Principle
   Compressor gets the low temperature and low pressure air refrigerant from evaporator, then turn it into high temperature and high pressure air through the compressor input power do work, this air gets into the condenser to exchange the heat with water, then the condensed air become low temperature fluid and release lots of heat energy. Water gets this heat energy and become hotter and hotter. This high pressure and low temperature fluid become low pressure by the Throttle device. This low pressure and low temperature fluid gets into the evaporator, Under the function of rotation fan, heat energy from air is absorbed by the fluid and becomes low pressure refrigerant , then is absorbed by compressor ,recycling to produce the hot water.
II. Features:
   Safety and Reliable
  Air source heat pump Adopt the heating way of water and electricity separation which can make sure of safety. is the most safe and reliable hot water supply equipment in today's world.
 Efficiency and Energy Saving
   Heat pump machine get the energy from air, and use a little electric power to operate the system, So heating the same capacity of hot water, it can save electric power 4times more than using electric water heater.
 Green and Environmental protection
   Heat pump takes advantages of solar energy 、air source heat energy and electric energy efficient, they are all green energy and non pollution. People do not worry about the health problem even in airtight space.
 Supply hot water for the whole day
   Heat pump water heater can not be interrupted by the terrible weather such as cloudy 、rainy days, it can supply hot water 24hours .
 Widely used
   Heat pump water heater Have different types and sizes of products, can meet different needs: family 、hotel 、school 、bathroom and etc.
 Long life span:
   The main parts of the system are compressor 、four-ways valve 、electric control system, which are all famous brand in the world, makes sure of high quality and the long life time.

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