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China solar water heater market forecast for 2013

solar industry market at the end of the year and the beginning of the past, most of the performance of a weakness. In the past year, although the impact of the international financial crisis and the domestic Solar collectors real estate regulation and other factors, China's solar thermal slowdown in the pace of industrial development. But in the 2013, the solar market sales has presented is not short off the situation.

    It is understood that the state has adopted a variety of support for renewable energy development policies, especially in the "12th Five-Year Renewable Energy Development Plan formulated by the State, to encourage and guide private capital investment in the field of new energy, the solar the hot water system as an important demonstration projects to promote the country at all levels of government has issued a 140 on solar hot water systems in urban and architectural applications file boost solar thermal industry development.

    An industry source said: "Last year, the entire solar industry overall steady solid development, is still higher than the average economic growth rate, representing an increase Split Pressurized solar water heater of 11% over last year at the same time last year, the solar water heater market has also undergone new changes: This is from the retail market to engineering changes in the market, from the vacuum tube to the conversion of the flat-plate solar water heater, which solar project market is the high-speed growth, the growth rate reached 50%. "It is understood that, in January and February, the five-star solar signed more than one hundred million yuan sales contract, a year-on-year growth of 200%. Have to say, safe, reliable, able to better integrate with the construction, longer life and efficient flat plate solar water heater products, has won the favor of consumers through its own advantages and practicality. Businesses, on the other hand, the use of solar energy is also greatly reduced the consumption of a wide variety of energy sources, According to statistics, the enterprise, while good corporate performance, but also create a good social just Handan Anju Dong City, Hefei Daxing new homes two solar hot water project, a year can achieve savings of 3300 tons of standard coal, 8100 tons of carbon dioxide emissions, 66 tons of sulfur dioxide emissions, emission reduction 30 tons of dust.


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