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The urbanization may promote solar gain an advantage

    Observers here expected, the city each additional a new immigrant, the government spent an average of 10 million in the construction of roads, bridges, utilities and other public goods, which require energy-intensive inputs. In fact, China's solar thermal technology is mature, the global collector area, a broad application prospects, and wind energy, bio-energy, tidal energy, solar energy in our country has always been a good mass base. Data shows that as of 2012, the national solar water heater Solar collectors ownership has more than 200 million m2, annual savings of more than 30 million tons of standard coal, reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 74.7 million tons. As the industry leader, Li Jun solar urbanization to promote the implementation of the program to be further clarity.

    According to some solar experts predict, annually add 10 million urban population, about 2 million families in need of 200 million square meters of new housing, 100 million square meters of solar hot water and heating system, the capacity of the solar market will be a multiple of growth.

    A golden opportunity in the solar Nuggets, Li Jun Solar water heater said that in 2013 the solar industry will shun along the 2012 state of development, to maintain sustained and stable growth. Urbanization measures of association in place, performance breakthrough should be in 2014 and 2015 year. "he believes that urbanization will be building integrated solar energy, as well as in urban areas, renovation of public buildings, solar hot water project, geothermal heating project to build a broader platform. Compared to other clean energy, solar energy may be pre-empted, companies need to do a good job of structural re-engineering and layout.

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