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Stable operation of China's first solar thermal power plant

It is understood that the key project of solar thermal power technology and system demonstration project was approved by the Ministry of Science and Technology in 2006, was officially launched in January 2007. According to the overall project team leader, Wang Zhifeng, a researcher of the Institute of Electrical Engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences are introduced, the project launched a Solar energy solar thermal power system integration technology, plant-wide control technology, high-precision low-cost heliostat technology, high reliability endothermic - heat transfer - Regenerative technology and key technology research, development of a solar thermal power plant simulator, built the heliostat optical performance testing platform, the wind tunnel test-bed of molten salt working fluid Compact solar water heater thermal hydraulics, water / water vapor thermal hydraulics laboratory bench The number of solar thermal power research and test platform.

    According to reports, in accordance with the Beijing Yanqing County, the local solar radiation resource calculation, the annual generation capacity of the power station can reach about 195 million degrees, compared to traditional fire station annual savings of 663 tons of standard coal, 2,336 tons of carbon dioxide emissions, 17 tons of sulfur dioxide , 136 tons of dust particles.

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