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The Introduction Solar energy

Solar energy is the energy from objects outside the Earth (mainly solar) energy needed for the vast majority of human beings, either directly or indirectly from the sun.  It is a variety of plants through photosynthesis to transform solar energy into chemical energy stored in plants down.  Coal , oil, natural gas and other fossil fuels is also buried in the ground from ancient plants and animals through the long geological formation. They are essentially fixed by the ancient biological solar. In addition, hydro, wind , etc. are also from the solar energy coversion to the.
 Related with the nuclear reaction is nuclear energy.  Changes in the structure of nuclei can release a lot of energy, called the nucleus can , short of nuclear energy , commonly known as atomic energy.  It is stored in the crust from the uranium , plutonium and other fission reactions occur when the nuclear fission energy resources, and ocean storage of deuterium , tritium , lithium and other fusion reaction occurs when the fusion energy resources.  These substances in the event of nuclear reactions to release energy.  Currently the largest use of nuclear power generation.  In addition, other types can also be used as a power source, heat and so on.
Converted into the world of the tidal energy of coal per year 30 million tons, while the actual shallow area that is only available as part of each year can be equivalent to 60 million tons of coal.

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