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split solar water heater

split solar water heater,
pressurized, split,
solar keymark, ccc, ce, ISO9001
large capacity, good quality, competitive price
excellent workmanship,
the material of inner tank is SUS-2B food grade stainless steel
the marterial of outer tank is porcelain/silver pearlescent/color steel
capacity can reach 100L/150L/200L/240L/300L/400L/500L
The solar collector can be put on flat roof or slop roof or fixed on the balcony where you want, it can perfectly combined with architecture, while the water tank can be put in the house which can reduce the resistence on roof, no need to place it higher than the bathing room.
double copper coil system means that it can be used in both bathing and heating.
Standing frame and thermosyphon(passive) heating system are available.
prompt delivery
competitive price on same quality level
satisfied service
mini order and OEM order are acceptable

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