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solar energy systems

solar energy systems,
Description of Solar energy systems 
Exactly, solar energy systems are a large solar heating system that provides hot water from an array of solar collectors. It consists of a solar collecting system, a water storage system, a control system and a pump system. The working principle of the solar water heating project is similar to that for the solar domestic hot water system. It's just like a large central heating system.
Application of Solar energy systems :
Solar energy systematic project can meet the need for large quantities of hot water by factories, hospitals, hotels, schools, etc.
Features of Solar energy system:
1. Solar energy systems are to supply hot water collectively, whose performance is like the central air-conditioning system;
2. Take solar radiation as the heat energy, energy saving is up to 80%;
3. Reduce the emission of greenhouse gas; the system is environment-friendly;
4. Combine with the auxiliary heating system to supply hot water all day round;
5. Constant temperature controlling guarantee hot water supply at any time;
6. Overheat protection, lightning protection, wind-resistance, reliability and safety;
7. Design according to the building style and hot water demand.

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