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Solar panels capable of withstanding the history of the strongest storm Sandy font size

according to Bloomberg "economic Weekly" website recently reported, in Oakland, California, United States, a solar panel installation company said its installed solar panels can withstand wind speeds of 100 miles per hour, Sandy strongest gust speed of 90 miles per hour, home improvement Solar water heater solar panels can withstand the wind the attacks of the mighty. U.S. companies engaged in the business of another 6,500 customers in the northeastern coastal areas, Sandy is not received after any loss report. The company gave each customer mail and told them that even if the power not to close to the solar equipment, but to call the company for repair. Irene storm last year, customers of the battery plate to smooth out the storm video sent to the company. Compact solar water heater A user installed 39 solar panels said Sandy flooded his basement, toppled giant trees, causing widespread power failure, but the battery plate but emerged unscathed, he has 47 years he even considered battery plate to protect the history of the roofs of their homes.

According to the Solar Energy Industries Association, said, unfortunately, most home improvement solar panels and grid connection, such as the power grid, you can not play a role. The solar system with the power grid and automatically stop working because prevent repairs grid electrocuted. In Germany, the situation is much better, a lot of families battery or electric vehicles with solar installations connected to store excess energy.
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