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Solar water heater industry, or a new round of reshuffle

Solar water heater industry brand is extremely fragmented industry brand to more than 3,000, began in June, energy-saving policy of benefiting only 20 products successful shortlisted companies, brand focus to a certain extent. Especially the more than 50,000 years to Integrated pressurized Solar water heater promote the solar industry requirements, and gave many small businesses set up access to benchmarking, to some extent, to avoid disorderly competition.
"Energy-saving appliances Huimin policy finalists force Norit and 10 branches under the prompt start of the training of extension work." Force Norit company official said, "force Norit shortlisted products are identified as an energy efficiency and enjoyment of the highest energy subsidies, welcomed by consumers, only half the time they received the dealer sent Huimin product orders nearly 30,000 units, accounting for more than 30% of the total orders, and similar products over the same period last year, an increase of 628%. "It is understood that the force Norit further enriched more than 70 short-listed product model, to maximize its market share.

Industry experts said that Solar collectors the direction of development of the solar thermal industry is the two aspects of high-temperature applications and building integrated solar and solar, to achieve industrial upgrading, have to solar thermal applications from civilian areas to industrial applications industry. Solar water heaters, improve product energy efficiency index is the way to the promotion of energy-saving projects, through market-based instruments will drive the industry's R & D, Solar energy production and sale of an energy-efficient products. Experts predict that the implementation of energy efficiency standards will eliminate 15% to 20% of the inefficient, low-energy solar products, industry reshuffle is inevitable.
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