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German solar photovoltaic share of the increase in energy profits

 HC home heating network share of Germany in the first half of solar photovoltaic generating capacity is greatly increased. 1.2 million of Compact solar water heater photovoltaic power generation system has a total of about 14.7 billion kwh of electricity.

    According to the German Solar Photovoltaic Industry Association BSWSolar, a new record on the data in the report this year over the same period in 2011 increased by 50%. "Therefore, the photovoltaic power generation itself has become a German energy drivers of change," CEO KarstenKörnig it comes. In his view, the photovoltaic power generation will continue to play a major role in future energy systems. And energy Split Pressurized solar water heater prices compared to the past three years, halving the cost of production and subsidies, the cost of newly installed PV power plant is the lowest.

    It is estimated that the share of solar energy in Germany is expected will double - from 3.2 percent in last year's climb to about 7 percent in 2016 - while electricity prices rose by only 2.5%.

    körnig said, "energy revolution" is not free, taking into account a further increase Integrated pressurized Solar water heater in the cost of PV contribution is only a small portion of the long-term costs of fossil fuels in the medium term is expected to rise sharply.

    In addition, the photovoltaic power generation has been shown to greatly reduce the peak hours of electricity. However, the renewable energy law "design flaws", the residential customers of the savings in energy will not be passed in Körnig continued. The contrary, from the merit order of impact, energy-intensive industries, but also can be exempt from the renewable energy surcharge, which had a profit.
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