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Chinese solar pv industry has already become more and more inflation

NianGen will come, once scene infinite Chinese solar pv industry in unprecedented predicament: excess capacity, the market demand atrophy. Recently, the domestic solar pv industry the four big giant yingli group, suntech solar power Co., LTD, trina solar limited company, "d LDK solar Co., LTD has released the third quarter earnings, four companies solar collectors manufacturer with losses of $290 million. Will the past 2011 years, the solar pv electricity prices plunged, greatly decreased, make solar energy than any other time will benefit. Hope this can help to maintain trust in renewable technology, recently cut solar subsidies offset the obstacles.
For solar power investment, in order to reduce their energy bill owner, solar power system on average every KWH price 28% lower. According to the guide of data showing that solar, solar photovoltaic power generation device consumers pay for the average fee is 4445.95 pounds per kilowatt hour, in October 2011, the price fell 27.87% to 3206.96 pounds.
Because the market structure is not reasonable photovoltaic, relying too heavily on foreign markets, leading to China QiYeShu photovoltaic (pv) of, chengdu is to rely on the international market to sales, especially the European market. For years, whether industry leading or many small and medium-sized enterprise, in their own research solar products in Chinese cities and rural areas of large-scale promotion on the application to the area. Even the most solar collectors supplier familiar of photovoltaic glass curtain wall, talk about for so many years, in big cities such as Shanghai, Beijing, almost didn't use into a new building and building reconstruction. Just think, everyone a head of earth dream to Europe and the United States gold rush, and does not attend to the overseas market volatility risk, not 'open up the domestic market.On the one hand is because the market economy is developed, capital of the profit will; On the other hand, also with other local governments to the development of new energy industry enthusiasm about overheating, this kind of phenomenon, once appear in more than one industry. But think, pv industry in recent years excess capacity phenomenon you very, including wind is cast continuously follow up with domestic and foreign relevant, it makes each photovoltaic company would hold to foreign capital market circle the motivationsolar collectors importer of money. Interviewed several private and small and medium-sized photovoltaic enterprise, they "speech will and the nasdaq", of "no matter how enterprise efficiency, to get listed overseas circle money say again". It is such, let China of the photovoltaic industry bubble blowing, the bigger the bubble burst, inevitable spread more widely, and more harm. This, is any a wind is cast by the high technology and new technology industry attention are concerned.
As the debt crisis attracted European countries of solar energy market atrophy, and China's domestic market competition and capacity expansion, pv industry gains in recent months straight down. In the public's trina solar, yingli green energy, suntech, China photovoltaic leading enterprises, since this year loss, share price fell by more than 70%, suntech shares at present only about $2, and its share price highest ever reach over $85. More let the worry is that the 2008 years of our pv enterprise to less than 100 home, now has more than 500 inflation and, for now, the production capacity of the domestic estimate has reached 30 gw-40 gw, and in 2011 the global photovoltaic installed to achieve is expected to 21 gw, that is, even if all the world with the Chinese of photovoltaic cells, China is still a third-1/2 of the capacity to vent, the factory will be closed

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