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Technology lead flat era, innovation of blue ocean open markets

In December 2011, 3, 4, in xian jianguo hotel at the China solar thermal utilization industry annual meeting, the shenzhen jia ordinary solar energy Co., LTD with solid r&d strength and brand influence, every win the "science and technology innovation" prize, the competent technology and research and development YuGuoAn as the vice-president of dr. "technology innovation" enterprise winner masterpiece spoke. Dr in points out, China's current is solar thermal utilization production manufacturing power, but not power, core technology also master hand in western countries, the domestic enterprise to want to keep steady development, attention must be paid to the research and development of products, and constantly breakthrough china solar collectors technology development bottleneck, have their own core competitiveness, to turn to white-hot in the market competition.
Shenzhen jia ordinary solar energy Co., LTD, as the main force of flat solar energy, enjoy "is not only the flat king" reputation. In 15 years, the company has been striving in flat common cause of the roads. In domestic plate of the industry's most difficult period and the common set up their own brand, the establishment of a young youthful r&d team, every year, take out 10% of sales amount for new product development, accept the social great people, USES the many kinds of incentive policy, unceasingly absorb high technical talents, the move for industry has trained a number of professional and technical research and development talent for the flat industry recovery accumulated intelligence resources, and also for the rapid development of ordinary lay a solid foundation.
In a uniform of the ordinary new industrial park, a "innovation" as the theme of the modern administrative building particularly striking that had misled many new customers, thought of not jia ordinary industrial park into. Jia ordinary adhere to the "innovation", because it has the distinct jia common enterprise culture, also is the common moment very upset with the status quo, and the courage to the self spiritual power. In the ordinary, its leaders LiuXueZhen chairman solar collectors china  itself is a technology research and development background of managers, individuals have 11 patent technology, the whole company from up to down, formed the strict innovation system. At present, the general has successfully developed 32 patent technology products, Lord, participated in the national industry standard 19 items, and directly promote the standardization of industry development.
Now, flat solar ushered in the vitality of the spring, jia ordinary yong made the development of the industry's most front, the construction of domestic first-class flat solar industry park, the configuration of the advanced production equipment, and YanZhiJiang to set up the domestic first professor article vacuum coating magnetron sputtering blue film strip production line, has the sole anodic oxidation whole board collection hot plate core production line, the development of the safe, beautiful and practical porch rail type flat collector......
Jia ordinary adhere to the "development generation, production generation, reserve generation" technical concept, foresight, flowing for industry development into new blood, has attracted the attention of peer and relevant industry. At present, the domestic already have in common with JiuYang, tsinghua university, sunshine, grace pie, sun treasure, beautiful patterns, th boasts, red sun hao a large number of high quality customer, and with China vanke, poly, investment, China resources, such as domestic on country big developers set up the friendly cooperative relations solar collectors factory strategy. In overseas markets, the fine ordinary business the same day by day, the product sell like hot cakes Oceania, Europe, the Middle East, southeast Asia, South Africa and other regions. In 2010, jia ordinary and Australian NUE Pty Limited companies have signed more than $2000 in flat solar energy collector and intelligent store of hot water supply contract.
Today, the solar energy industry brand rough, industry reshuffle pace, rapidly changing market, jia ordinary will grasp the nettle, for industry and society to create more value!
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