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Double solar photovoltaic industry except normal trade friction of performance

Aimed at the United States international trade commission to lose the preliminary decision to the beauty of Chinese solar panels related industry cause substantial damage to the beauty of the China chamber of international commerce representative think, international trade friction normal tendency irreversible, the future will be in wider range occur frequently.
China chamber of international commerce LinShunJie in 9, deputy secretary general of the fair trade forum remind enterprise good correlation preparation, to have involved in the photovoltaic "double reverse" survey of enterprise, "to actively participate in, because it's not just for responding by survey photovoltaic enterprise own benefit, but also for solar energy manufacturer the entire photovoltaic industry in themselves."The ministry of commerce of fair trade business secretary also called for a DengDeXiong photovoltaic enterprise rational view trade friction: "learn to make good use of international trade rules to maintain their own rights."
December 2,, the United States international trade commission to China at the beginning of the lost beauty solar cells to the cause substantial damage related industries, this means that the United States will continue to lose the ministry of commerce of China beauty solar cells on anti-dumping and countervailing "double reverse" survey.
This time, China enterprise shows to the international market should have confidence. In China and mechanical and electrical products import and export solar energy supplier Chambers of commerce under the coordination, yingli, "d led domestic main photovoltaic cells, 14 production enterprise group of responding, implement joint a protest.
Yingli green energy special assistant to President, legal counsel ChenZhuo said: "' double the investigation is, above all, a legal issues", we will do solar energy importer well for responding; in addition to the U.S. government will also expand the public relations work, urge them to recognize the solar energy industry high degree of internationalization, interest crisscross, 'the' to global will double solar photovoltaic industry, and damage to the development of new energy against global."
LinShunJie says, China chamber of international commerce has invited more than 20 law firm's legal team of China chamber of international commerce, will with preferential price for the member enterprise provide support and service.
In fact, the "double reverse" survey let this year to hit "winter" by our pv industry. Statistics show that at present already post third quarter earnings of solar energy company photovoltaic enterprise, more than 80% were huge losses, among them, the loss of more than 160 million dollars at most.

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