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Catch the project construction industry upgrading and glass

The investment of 5 billion yuan special glass product line, following embellish the investment of 1.536 billion yuan security industry super white float solar glass product line and stepping up to the construction project, the investment of 2.9 billion yuan JinHongYang company solar cells and substrate project began to trial production...... Sha-he with project solar water heater importer construction of high-quality curriculums, and improve the ability of glass processing, and promote the glass industry glass production by glass to change, deep processing of building glass to electronic optical glass and new energy glass transition, conquers the high-end industry.
The 1980 s beginning shahe glass industry, after 30 years development, it has become the largest production base of glass, glass production enterprise with glass 47 house, with the annual production capacity of 105 million weight glass box, accounts for the glass production nearly 20%, China building decoration association named "Chinese glass city", "China glass industry base", but the products more glass and architectural glass for glass, industry big but not strong.
According to industrial economy "the total to big, quality high, structure to superior to the requirements of", the glass industry by bigger and stronger, and the total investment china solar energy  of shahe this year more than 40 billion yuan of the 60 major glass project, almost all for deep processing projects and projects that support. Sha river QuBin party secretary, said to "1025" at the end, from the current value of shahe glass 15 billion yuan to 100 billion yuan, deep processing of more than 50%, and the technology equipment and the quality of products reach the advanced level of the industry and become the international have a major impact on development base of glass.
Optimization glass industry layout, improve the processing ability. Sha-he glass industry is divided into the safe and energy-saving glass, new energy glass, special glass ix plate, developing with high high-borosilicate glass primarily special glass program in TCO conductive film glass, TFT glass substrate primarily electronic glass projects to super solar energy china white float glass, solar glass plate solar photovoltaic glass project mainly to low-e (online LOW radiation coating) glass primarily energy conservation and environmental protection glass project. A few days ago, of sha-he gold for the provincial level development zone industrial park upgrade, renamed "sha-he economic and technological development zone", the park area of nearly 50 square kilometers, will further promote glass industry scale production, intensive production; At the same time, with sha-he wuhan university of technology, tsinghua university, China building materials association scientific research institutes and establish a close cooperation relations, and play solar energy factory shahe glass institute of technology in hebei province and the role of engineering development, borrow intellectual development, improve the glass processing research and development ability, accelerate industrial optimization.
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