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"Photovoltaic" shuffle eve big dream who first wake up?

Once "gets ahead" of photovoltaic industry, has been excess capacity, has been industry chain shortages, has been comprehensive foreign, has been developing deformity. These they are clear, but he is too busy to their eyes profits. Until the sword of Damocles over the suspension of the head, some people know after after sleep: China's pv industry really want to shuffle. Who will smoke? Who can off the hook?
West road hard
2010, this time of year is just the beginning of winter, but for the domestic pv industry bigwigs "suntech" is still not as cold today, so corrosion bone.
When this, it in off the coast of compatriots and rival "yingli" just signed a so-called "deal", in national "gold sun" demonstration project and solar energy solar water heater china construction application demonstration projects solar module part of the bidding, the brazen 13 enterprises squeeze, finally and other two companies going at the same time. Yingli reported bid prices every tile is $1.6, compared with the solar module export the eu's $2.6 price, compared to forty percent for the drop is worth.
Suntech no to join in the fun, industry has Fried KaiGuo: "yingli bottom line why are so low?" Suntech boss to shi said "the price" butcher of yingli MiaoLianSheng boss very dismissive: "skill is to reduce the price." And yingli have yingli saying: we will produce with common people a green power.
November 23, 2011, when the new technology of hubei province, chairman of the board of XuJinMing speak about this period to reporters case-solving, his view is that the company missed the boat." But this moment is still, the two have seen against: a good year most scenery in the suntech, now every minute in hell in the inferno crucifixion. In October, the seven home solar cell manufacturing enterprise filed a petition for the authorities to China's 75 photovoltaic enterprises to export products to the United States for anti-dumping and countervailing investigation and trade restraints. In early November, seven home the plaintiff to expand the scope of investigationsolar water heater factory again, all from Chinese solar crystal silicon, component and panel products manufacturing enterprises be neat to American trade under the blade.
If the "double reverse" carried out, to the U.S. market for a long time the Lord of weak domestic layout suntech will come back safely. And in XuJinMing opinion, yingli because more early step turn around of collecting, has its basic can retreats. However, many in the industry consensus is, in this round of "double reverse" before, because photovoltaic cell module prices fell sharply, global photovoltaic excess capacity and a series of factors, such as suntech tend to export of Chinese enterprise has also common photovoltaic "in the midnight deep pool".
The new technology XuJinMing chairman of hubei this round of pv industry shuffling of the prediction is: "the big enterprise die so two, small and medium-sized enterprise, a death."
With yingli and suntech plot almost: wuhan "new science and technology" do domestic programs busy trying, export-oriented wuhan "gamma wei solar" has been in a BanTingChan state.
Earlier this year, the third largest manufacturer of solar panels evergreen solar company (EvergreenSolar) to shed 800 jobs, faraway will move to the factory is located in wuhan's joint venture enterprise "gamma wei solar energy Co., LTD.", and to avoid a treasure borrow from the head. When President MichaelEl-Hillow the truth: "was shut solar water heater manufacturer down in the U.S. state of Massachusetts DE Vince factory because solar panels price collapse. For the past three years, the price has fallen by two-thirds, only the fourth quarter last year fell 10%. From manufacturers perspective, to keep the manufacturing in the United States is unfavorable. And Chinese manufacturers have the Chinese government and state-owned Banks help, and manufacturing cost."

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