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Solar energy heat pump water heater compared with no price advantage

, if ordinary electricity to 0.6 yuan/degrees shall prevail, electric water heater annual costs 1606 yuan, gas water heater (natural gas) annual costs 675 yuan, (liquefied petroleum gas) annual costs 2009 yuan, the solar energy water heater (auxiliary electric type) annual expenses for 440 yuan, the air can cost 401 yuan annual water heater. The same circumstances solar energy water heater and air can more energy saving.
Market price, gas water heater average price for 1448 yuan, and in 2010, has reached 1743 yuan, up 20.4%, and the average annual growth of 6%. According to the air conditioning and refrigeration big market research data shows: in 2008-2010 the vacuum tube solar water heater average market price of electric water heater respectively for 1357, 1389, 1453 yuan, every year growth of 4%, respectively, 2.4% and 4.6%. 41 liters ~ 50 liters, 51 liters ~ 60 litres as main specification product electric water heater in 2010, compared with 2009 prices up solar water heater distributor by 3.3% and 2.7% respectively, large capacity increase product is higher, the 61 liters ~ 80 liters product average price increased by 5.2%.
The average price of ordinary solar energy waterbuy solar water heater  heater in 2000-3000 yuan between, the general situation of the tube with solar vacuum tubes count, the air can generally high price is, 150 liters of air can price in common 5000 6000 yuan between. Air and gas water heater can than 1 year energy saving 675-401 = 274 yuan, with 10 years plan, power saving 274 * 10 = 2740 yuan, if with 150 liters and market 2558 yuan than electric water heater, price difference in basically 2500 yuan, and 2740 yuan are only $240, so it is difficult to say china solar water heater how the too big advantage, while the solar energy for its no fundamental price advantage.

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