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Mengniu industry leader to win the future of green gene

In this year's just-concluded APEC Leaders' Meeting, the participants unanimously adopted the Universal Declaration: the 2015 Green goods tariffs to 5% or less, this may be completely marked green into our lives. In consistently adhering to the "good quality, green life" goals Mengniu view, through the construction of green milk, the development of recycling economy and lead consumers into green living and other measures, to create green industry chain, the problem is the green economy in the meaning.

It is understood that, in terms of milk, Mengniu concentrated business green pastures, high quality milk to ensure product quality. Over the years, Mengniu adhere to accelerate the large-scale dairy farming, helps improve production efficiency and Split Pressurized solar water heater production levels, more conducive to the effective source to enhance disease prevention and control, reduce disease risk, to ensure milk quality and safety. The first half of this year, Mengniu, the average protein content of raw milk has reached 3.13%, of which, a great tribute to pasture large-scale operation.

In addition, Mengniu will be green production with the external environment for the perfect interface. The use of cow dung methane power plant Mengniu ranch for power generation, the dung of turning waste into treasure while avoiding the pollution of the environment; Mengniu ranch ranch will be a sewage treatment plant for processing waste water, recycling water to re- The use of pasture, and also to avoid the direct discharge of sewage pollution of the environment. As a result, it is rooted in Mengniu green gene throughout the production process.

Mengniu green check so that we can enjoy high-quality, healthy dairy products, while Mengniu through public action to promote green ideas, so that the real green into our daily lives. In 2011 at the World Park in Xi'an, Mengniu green park concern, regardlessCompact solar water heater of its content or theme of activities designed to convey the core concepts of green: Mengniu green lawn and garden lights are powered by solar landscape lighting environment, the museum is to use environmentally friendly energy-saving LED lights, reflected from every detail at the green consciousness. In addition, Mengniu over the years to develop the "eco-action help China" and "packaging recycling" and other green charity traveled north and south, a green area a beautiful landscape.

. Industry experts point out that Mengniu is not only a transformation of the green industry leader, is a reference to other examples of green revolution in the industry. The results of these green behind, we can not directly see the "green gene" is the essence of all changes

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