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Taiwanese investment in the public talk about the development prospects of industrial park

December 4, brilliance in the Xiangyang Industrial Park, Taiwan foundation-stone laying ceremony, the reporter saw some Taiwanese investors to examine the representative of Xiangyang. Xiangyang their economic and cultural development is very Solar water heater rapid amazing, Xiangyang glory of the development prospects of Taiwanese industrial park full of hope. Meanwhile, the Taiwanese are also from their own perspective on how to further improve the investment environment and promote economic development in Xiangyang, comments and suggestions.

Taiwan Association executive glorious yellow solid state:

Taiwan's agricultural technology introduction to Yangyang

Event, when asked "What on first impression there Yangyang", the Taiwan Association executive glorious yellow solid state, said: "Yangyang to cold weather than in Taiwan, but the enthusiasm of the people of Yangyang and Yangyang superior investment environment Taiwan businessmen who have warm hearts. "

Yellow is not only a solid state executive director of the Taiwan Association for glory, but also served as Taiwan's full of solid agricultural group's executive director, the field of biotechnology in agriculture production and development for over 20 years. Trip to Xiangyang, he wanted to focus on study of Xiangyang in agriculture, bio-technology development status, looking for investment-related projects. He told reporters, Xiangyang in loans, employment, etc. to give Taiwan a number of preferential policies, and Xiangyang Industrial Park cluster, scale is very mature, and for the Taiwanese investment offering convenient.

Solid state, said Huang, Xiangyang not only historical and cultural city of China, deputy provincial cities, but also important agricultural production and processing bases. In addition, Xiangyang, "the concept of industrialization, agriculture industrializationSolar collectors  plan ideas" approach, can show the importance of agriculture in the Xiangyang by the degree. To achieve industrialization of agriculture and industrialization, agricultural science and technology can not do without the strong support of Taiwan's agricultural technology has the advantages of the process of agricultural development in the Xiangyang play an important role.

Association vice president of the Federation of Taiwan glory Zhang Zhen:

Build a platform for agriculture and green technology

Ceremony, Taiwan's vice president of the Federation of Association glory Zhen Zhang told reporters that his morning ride to the active site of the road, found glory many Taiwanese industrial park lights are equipped with solar panels. His extensive use of this industrial park to the green energy-saving lamps, very interested. And his trip to Xiangyang, it is ready to green energy and agricultural technology to inspect and investment.

Zhang Chen said, Taiwan's green energy and agricultural technology has certain advantages in R & D and promotion of the use of relative lead. He will consider investment projects, the introduction of the Xiangyang, characteristics of vegetables to promote Taiwan's food and green energy technology to Taiwan, Xiangyang between agriculture and green technology to communicate and build platforms and bridges.

Zhang Zhen said, this came to Xiangyang, he found that the introduction of Taiwan fruits to Xiangyang, there is much room for development. If weather conditions permit, he will further promote the Taiwan fruits and vegetables in Xiangyang planting experience, consider the introduction of improved varieties of vegetables and Taiwan industrial chain and other facilities of the building.

Taiwan Association Executive Vice President Huang Xinzhen glory:

Auto Parts in Yangyang investment projects have obvious advantages

Taiwan Association executive vice president Huang Xinzhen glory told reporters, although he is the first time to Xiangyang, but leave the Xiangyang was very deep impression on him. "Xiangyang city clean and beautiful environment, economic development, investment environment is also very advantageous. Moreover, Taiwan's glory is the glory and Xiangyang 'Sisters', to Yangyang was so friendly, there is a feeling of home."

Huang Xinzhen told reporters that he was prepared to invest in the glory Auto Parts Industrial Park, Taiwan's production projects. He believes that, for Taiwan, in the field of auto parts Yangyang investment has two advantages. First, the Taiwanese Integrated pressurized Solar water heater  industrial park adjacent to Dongfeng Motor Corporation, location, industry chain is very close, so you can save a lot of transportation costs. Second, Xiangyang enough local labor resources, high quality, cost of labor relative to Zhuhai, Xiamen, southeastern coastal cities lower.

 He told reporters that now fly from Taiwan to Xiangyang not very convenient. "Flew from Taipei to Xiamen, Guangzhou, transfer to fly to Wuhan, Wuhan, transfer to and from Xiangyang, the whole process takes at least 8 hours. Xiangyang with Taiwan if the direct route, or Xiangyang direct flights with domestic cities, Taiwan will bring greater convenience.

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