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Basotect Melamine Foam from BASF Improves Solar Energy Harvesting

The Basotect foam is used by Heliodyne as a preferred insulating material to line the sides and the back of their solar collectors for their resistance to high level temperatures for longer duration and good insulation properties over the other foam materials available in the market. Polymer Technologies, a Newark, Delaware-based thermal and acoustic composite producer supplies the custom cut parts for the use of the company.

The flat plate solar collectors are designed to retain solar energy and transfer the heat to the water or fluid within them. The thermal insulation plays a vital role in retaining the collected solar heat in the solar collectors, which at times go beyond 350° F. The Basotect foam insulation unlike other normal polymeric foam material endures even high temperatures without getting degraded or discharge any gas substances to form mist over the gas and obstruct solar radiation. Basotect foam is chosen by Heliodyne, because it is free of fibers, flexible and lightweight and enables easy storage and assembly.

The heat insulating, sound absorbing, elastic, lightweight, flame retarding and high level temperature resisting BASF material also can be shaped to fit any type of usage requirement. It can also be used for thermal and acoustic insulation of trains, vehicles and buildings. BASF is planning to showcase its products and solutions meant for the solar industry at the Solar Power International 2011, to be held in Dallas, Texas from 17 to 20 October.




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